Abigail Prushansky 

Abigail Prushansky is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a Board Certified Nurse Midwife. Abigail has been in the medical field for over 15 years serving thousands of men, women, and children. Her current goal is to uniquely focus on the overall health and well-being of Women. Abigail’s passion is to assist women throughout their journeys into a world of holistic health, including the journey into womanhood, motherhood, menopause and more. She is a provider who feels that each client is not a number but an individual with unique sets of desires, hopes, experiences, and health objectives. As a provider, she extends an environment of safety while fostering a solid foundation built on trust where clients actually have a voice and a partnership regarding their health.

As a Woman and Mother, who has also experienced infant loss herself, she plans to develop programs within her practice that encompass Reproductive Grief for other women who have dealt with all forms of loss. Millions of women every year in the United States are affected by some form of Reproductive Grief and it is a travesty that not only is it often dismissed but it also goes unnoticed, leaving women to suffer in silence and isolation. Building a support system through compassion and extensive knowledge behind the emotional, social, and psychological trauma that accompanies pregnancy/infant loss, she plans to offer those clients something that not many other providers can offer them, pure understanding as having walked in their shoes.