Anita Thompson

Ryan Gordy Foundation Founder / CEO Anita Thompson has dedicated herself to improving the lives of young adults impacted by cancer. Endlessly passionate about empowering others to improve their quality of life through personal achievement, Anita champions a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Every day, she answers her personal calling to educate and uplift others to better themselves and to help heal the world.

The Ryan Gordy Foundation was created to honor the legacy of Anita’s son, Ryan, an extraordinary young man who departed far too soon. Throughout his struggles, Ryan carried himself at all times with grace, courage, and gratitude and set an example of healthy living that serves as an inspiration to us all. Wise beyond his years, Ryan recognized the restorative power of an active lifestyle coupled with meditation, music, and plant-based nutrition. Collectively, these blended together to enrich the beautiful tapestry of his young, full life.

“Health is not just absence of disease, but a wholeness that involves physical, mental and spiritual well-being.” These powerful words by Ryan’s Spiritual teacher, Sadghuru, represent the driving force behind the Ryan Gordy Foundation. Guided by the light Ryan brought to the world, Anita seeks to empower those affected by cancer to realize and live the absolute best version of themselves. Embodying the pillars of healthy living, she is wholly committed to seamlessly aligning philanthropy and entertainment with cancer research to add a humanity-focused approach to traditional clinical treatment protocol.