Chloe Makhani

Chloe Makhani is a Restaurateur who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She attended The Archer School for Girls for middle and high school, and then pursued her bachelor’s degree in Business & Political Science from the University of Wisconsin. After completing her undergraduate degree, she furthered her education at New York University, where she earned her master’s degree in Hospitality Business. During her time at NYU, she worked on Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ Global Branding Team and oversaw the internal aspects of hotel openings.

Chloe’s passion for the hospitality industry led her to open her own restaurants and hospitality venues around LA. Currently, Chloe brings her expertise to Avondale Equities, a real estate firm dedicated to developing exceptional hospitality properties across Los Angeles. In her role, she oversees marketing, events, and all hospitality assets within the Avondale Equities portfolio. Her next project Casalena Restaurant is set to open in 2023.

Avondale Equities is committed to building spaces that are not only luxurious and welcoming but also practical and efficient for each operator’s individual success. The company is passionate about creating memorable experiences for customers, guests, and neighbors alike, and they strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of their business. As a leading commercial real estate company in Los Angeles, Avondale Equities is dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with seasoned operators while remaining mindful of their social responsibility and integrity in building within the unique ecosystems of local communities.