Gayle Gannes Rosenthal

Gayle Gannes Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Gayle’s Sweet’N’Sassy Foods, was born in New York and moved to the West Coast as a young child. She began a career in modeling and acting while studying dance at UCLA. Gayle’s Sweet’N’Sassy Foods, founded by Gayle in 1984, makes the original BBQ sauce that helped launch the BBQ Chicken Pizza craze.

In addition, the product is distributed in 10 countries, grocery stores, restaurants, and school districts as it fits the healthy profile required. She is currently active in various nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving children and their families, as well as supporting the arts for dance, art and music. An active outdoors person, she enjoys hiking, skiing, zip lining, as well as all other sports. Gayle is married to Jeffrey with daughters Alie and Katie. The family enjoys extensive travel, having been to 100 countries to see YPO-WPO friends from all over the world. Gayle’s passion is life’s adventures. Ready to do anything at a moment’s notice, and has the never-ending energy and desire to explore, experience, and be part of life’s journey.