Laurie Raskin

Laurie Raskin is an artist who has exhibited in museums, public Institutions, and galleries internationally. She is currently represented at galleries in the United States and Europe.

Locally, she shows at Skidmore Contemporary Art at Bergamot in Santa Monica.

Laurie Raskin began her career as a graphic designer having created over 100 murals for stores as well as being one of 12 artists chosen to design the official signature poster for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Laurie’s original artworks have also been licensed on products ranging from a designer carpet line in Belgium to a fashion line in the U.K.

Laurie was born and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated from Beverly Hills High School.

She received her BFA and MFA from the California Institute of the Arts.

Besides her full-time practice as an artist, Laurie is committed to giving back to the community through the arts. She served for over ten years on the Design For Sharing Board at UCLA and also donates to numerous arts organizations.

Laurie has been married for over 34 years to Dr Rick Shuman. Together, they have one son who is married and living in Paris and a stepson who lives in Los Angeles.

She is honored to join Visionary Women and looks forward to participating in helping others through the arts. She would like to mentor younger women artists through their own artistic journeys.