Malea Farsai-Zafari

Since 2000, Malea has worked as a corporate securities attorney for NetSol Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ. Malea counsels NetSol on its corporate governance needs, securities regulations and SEC reporting and NASDAQ compliance. She has also assisted in establishing NetSol’s international corporate structure, which included the formation of wholly owned subsidiaries in several countries around the globe. Malea is a member of the Board of Directors of NetSol as its first female board member, from 2018 to present.

In 2001, Malea and her husband, Reza, founded a special needs private school for children under the age of 18 and have continued supporting this mission in every aspect. Malea grew up in Seattle, Washington. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of California, Irvine and her JD in 1996. She lives with her husband and two daughters, Emma and Talia, in Bel Air, CA where she enjoys juggling between family time, volunteering at Marlborough School, work and philanthropy.