Natalie Amoils

Natalie Amoils, born and raised in Los Angeles, is the founder of her own fashion and accessories brand, NLA Collection. Natalie has always been passionate about giving back to her community, and a lover of fashion and art. After graduating from USC in 2018 and working in the film and television industry for five years, Natalie decided to pursue her design ideas and venture out into the fashion world. She founded NLA Collection in December 2022, launching her online website with the signature silk knot wristlet. While continuing to work with several non-profits in marketing and social media, Natalie designs accessories and loves growing her own fashion brand. 

Natalie’s philanthropic work includes volunteering with Baby2Baby, as well as fundraising for her late cousin’s charity, Maya’s Way. Natalie spearheads social media campaigns and events to gain awareness for Maya’s Way which helps women under 40 who are suffering from cancer to receive integrative medicine therapies.

With family from South Africa, Israel and Brazil, Natalie also loves traveling overseas and exploring new places.