Piera Klein

Recording Artist/ Activist / Visionary Women Director of Events, Media, and Communications

Piera Klein is a California native, and Los Angeles based recording artist, producer, and activist. In 2019 Klein released her debut album hitting the airwaves and placing on over 50 college radio stations, charting #1 on the RMR Charts, alongside the video release of single “Unraveling”. 

Although a strange year for the industry, 2021 was a game-changing year for PIERA, as Klein performed a series of live shows with the who’s-who of the 80s synth era including the Academy Award Winner for Best Song, BERLIN (“Take My Breath Away”), Chart Toppers, BOW WOW WOW (“I Want Candy”), OINGO-BOINGO (“Weird Science”), ABC (“The Look of Love”), Grammy Award Winners A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS (“D.N.A.”, “I Ran”), and MARTHA DAVIS AND THE MOTELS (“Only the Lonely”), catapulting her into the indie spotlight. 

Prior to launching as an indie artist, Klein worked with an Emmy Award winning song writing team and was featured in a series of network TV shows including “General Hospital”, “One Life to Live”, “Greek” and Soap.net, to name a few.  

“Voluminous otherworldly soundscapes combined with Piera Klein’s mystical energy and powerful and pure vocals and lyrics, immerses crowds in an ocean of ambient electronic sounds, catapulting audiences into another dimension.”  
– Los Angeles Life and Style 

“We have excellent singers and excellent artists in the music business…often they are mutually exclusive. Piera Klein has it all…” 
— Harry Maslin, Producer of David Bowie’s “Station to Station”, “Fame” and more… 

Prior to her burgeoning career in music, Klein hosted and produced over 150 shows for a non-profit Satellite Radio network, broadcasting 2 hours a day, 5 days a week to over 100 countries worldwide. 

Aside from music, Piera’s passion is serving at the LA based non-profit Visionary Women as Director Events, Media, and Communications. Previously holding the role of Director of Operations and Communications, Piera has worked with Visionary Women since inception.  

Piera’s passion for social justice and heart for those in need is demonstrated through her commitment to “making a difference wherever and whenever possible”. Throughout her life, Piera has supported multiple organizations, communities, and initiatives both here in the US and abroad. 

In Summer 2020 Visionary Women launched Visionary Women’s Instagram Live with Piera as host and producer. First guests included Leslie Dwight, author of “What if 2020 isn’t canceled?” and Jayna Zweiman, co-founder of the (Pink) Pussyhat Project. In December 2020 Piera launched two new series: “Women in Power” and “Member Spotlight”. Guests have included: Monique Brown (Amer-I-can.org), the Hon. Lili Bosse (3x Mayor and Vice Mayor of Beverly Hills), Ambassador Marcela Celorio Mancera, Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, Dr. Soraya Nazarian, Senior Vice President, International Affairs, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Nina Kotick (Visionary Women President), and Dr. Sarah Figueroa, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Para Los Niños.