Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani

Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani is a former sports journalist and anchor who has worked in Iran covering the 1997 Khatami presidential elections, the FIFA World Cup for Iran’s national soccer team, Iran’s Championship Wrestling, and is also an alum of BBC Radio along with ABC, CBS News. She has worked with Martha Stewart, is the host of a Wellness Show where she interviews influencers, wellness figures, and doctors, has an MBA, and just recently produced an athlete abuse documentary which was sparked by the Women. Life. Freedom movement. She is very well traveled, well educated, trilingual, and does motivational speaking events while mentoring young female teens. She is currently weaving her story of working in Iran’s Channel 6 news, where she and other news anchors were forced to falsify news in an upcoming documentary she is producing.