Wendy Steinberg

Wendy Steinberg graduated from CSUN David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. While in college, she completed a film internship assisting American Film Institute Director’s Workshop for Women in on-site production and post-production leading to short films showcase. After completing her studies, she was a production assistant for many Film/Music Video projects directed by A-list talent for 3 years. She began her career in events as a hiring manager for a hospitality agency staffing high-end events like The Emmys, Oscars, AFI Awards, and private entertainment events. She is now Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for Career Group Companies Events Division, a Forbes best recruiting firm located in Avenue of the Stars. Her experience as a hiring expert allows her to meet new people every day. She joined Visionary Women GenV to continue learning and growing. Her purpose is to be a positive connecting tool for women.