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Repeat Grants

Visionary Women

Visionary Women supports organizations and programs which advance the status of women and girls. Grants are available for program support, but not for general operating expenses or capital projects at this time. Priority is given to programs in the areas of education, housing and homelessness, the arts and human rights.

Repeat Grants:

If you have received a prior grant from Visionary Women and would like to apply for a repeat grant, please complete our Grant Application Form below. Organizations applying for repeat grants must submit a year-end report prior to or simultaneously with the repeat grant application. Please attach the report in the form below.

The report should include the following information:

  • How were the funds were used? Please provide a summary.
  • Through the use of grant funds, were you able to fulfill the intended goal(s)? What were the program’s major accomplishments?
  • How did the grant assist the population(s) your organization serves?
  • What is the likelihood the project will continue and/or grow?
  • Please also include any particular success stories we can share with our members.

Thank you!