Women Leading the Way in Philanthropy | Ani B. Packard


Meet Ani Packard: Shaping the Future of Visionary Women

Calling all philanthropists and changemakers! In this episode of How Do They Do It?, Angela Dailey, CEO of WISE (Women Investing in Security and Education), sits down with the inspiring Ani B. Packard, Executive Director of Visionary Women.

Ani brings a wealth of experience from the private, public, and philanthropic sectors, making her a true force for good. Learn about her incredible journey and how Visionary Women is impacting the lives of others.

Ready to be inspired? Tune in and discover:

Ani’s impressive background spanning various sectors.

The mission and vision of Visionary Women.

Actionable insights and strategies to get involved in philanthropy.

Whether you’re a seasoned donor or just starting out, this episode is for YOU! Join the movement alongside WISE and empower women to reach their full potential.