Jennifer Yen

It was a simple case of “form follows function” that led actress Jennifer Yen to create Pur~lisse, her 10-product skincare line. “As a successful working actress living in Los Angeles, I noticed that my skin was breaking out and becoming easily irritated after hours in makeup and under hot lights. I discovered that most products contained dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and allergens, which made my skin even worse! My radiant skin had become lackluster and irritated,” states Yen.

Frustrated with the state of her skin, Yen sought out a real expert for advice — her grandmother, who always had youthful, radiant, beautiful skin, for a lesson that she would later call “Pur genius.” Her grandmother’s Chinese secret: time-honored home recipes all containing Blue Lotus and White Tea. By combining this tried-and-true knowledge with advanced French skin technology, Yen and her chemist were able to create the foundation of her formulations, which she calls Lotus Lupine 5 Complex, an age-prevention combination of powerful antioxidants, botanical plant extracts, marine plants, vitamins, and peptides to keep skin healthy.

Jennifer Yen experienced a transformation when she created Pur~lisse; not only did she rejuvenate and manage her skin, she also transformed from actress to entrepreneur with a brand motto that aptly reads “pur~ingredients, pur~performance, pur~transformation”.

Currently, Yen, a graduate of Boston University, is focused on overseeing the growth of her skincare brand while acting plays a secondary role in her life. She stays up to date on beauty by serving on the panels of BeautyFix and Real Beauty. Yen has been featured as a beauty expert on Home and Family, Real Simple, KTLA, and popular YouTube Beauty channels.

As a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), she promotes entrepreneurship as a means to overcome youth unemployment and underemployment. And Yen is a mentor to the Cherie Blair Foundation and Spark Student program.