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Leadership Circle

  • Susan Adamson

    Susan Adamson

  • Lori Anderson

    Lori Anderson

  • Price Arana

    Price Arana

  • Kelly Baek

    Kelly Baek

    Dr. Kelly Baek is a board certified physician in Obstetrics and Gynocology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility....

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  • Pamela Beck

    Pamela Beck

    Pamela Beck is a writer/producer whose novels include the New York Times best sellers Fling and Rich Men, Single Women (both Doubleday and Literary Guild Book Club main selections, both published internationally).

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  • Lorraine Prieto Berchtold

    Lorraine Prieto Berchtold

  • Deborah Brady

    Deborah Brady

  • Ellen Bronfman Hauptman

    Ellen Bronfman Hauptman

    Ellen Bronfman Hauptman is Co-Chairman of Andell Holdings., a private investment firm and family office that she controls with her husband, Andrew Hauptman. Andell invests directly in private and public companies as well as in real estate.

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  • Ambassador Marcela Celorio

    Ambassador Marcela Celorio

    Born in Mexico City, she holds a J.D. from the Escuela Libre de Derecho and has two master´s degrees, one in diplomatic studies from the Instituto Matias Romero (IMR) and the second, ...

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  • Tara Church

    Tara Church

  • Marina Cohn

    Marina Cohn

  • Shelley Curtis / Litvack

    Shelley Curtis / Litvack

  • Semira Dariushnia Moshayedi

    Semira Dariushnia Moshayedi

  • Orna Delrahim

    Orna Delrahim

  • Nooshin Farahpour

    Nooshin Farahpour

  • Claudia Flores

    Claudia Flores

    Claudia Flores is actually the President of the Board of Directors of Contemporary Art Museum in Los Angeles (ICA LA).

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  • Stephanie Hannon

    Stephanie Hannon

  • Parisima Hassani

    Parisima Hassani

  • Michelle Israel Shipp

    Michelle Israel Shipp

  • Mary Ellen Kanoff

    Mary Ellen Kanoff

  • Meredith Kaplan

    Meredith Kaplan

  • Deborah Kent-Clark

    Deborah Kent-Clark

  • Terri Kenworthy

    Terri Kenworthy

  • Jill Kort

    Jill Kort

  • Kaye Kramer

    Kaye Kramer

  • Afshan Lakha

    Afshan Lakha

  • Angela Larian

    Angela Larian

    Angela Larian was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to America right before the Revolution in 1978 at the age of 15.

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  • Barbara Lazaroff

    Barbara Lazaroff

  • Dora Levy Mossanen

    Dora Levy Mossanen

    Dora Levy Mossanen is an internationally acclaimed bestselling novelist, a writer for Huffington Post, and book reviewer for The Jewish Journal. Her widely acclaimed novels Harem, Courtesan, The Last Romanov, and Scent of Butterflies have been translated into numerous languages and distributed worldwide.

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  • Chloe Makhani

    Chloe Makhani

    Chloe Makhani is a 25 year old restaurateur born and raised in Los Angeles. She attended The Archer School for girls for middle and high school and later made her way to The University of Madison, Wisconsin receiving her bachelors in Business & Political Science.

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  • Mareva Marciano

    Mareva Marciano

  • Linda May

    Linda May

  • Jan McAdoo

    Jan McAdoo

  • Laura Merage

    Laura Merage

    Laura Merage is an accomplished artist and venture philanthropist who leads initiatives that impact the lives of thousands of people every day.

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  • Sherli Mikail

    Sherli Mikail

  • Julie Morris

    Julie Morris

  • Karen Murphy O'Brien

    Karen Murphy O’Brien

    Chairman & CEO Murphy O’Brien Public Relations

    Karen co-founded Murphy O'Brien with partner, Brett O'Brien, following a successful career in luxury, hospitality and entertainment public relations.

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  • Nicole Mutchnik

    Nicole Mutchnik

  • Hedy Nazarian

    Hedy Nazarian

    Hedy Nazarian is the founder of Within, an organization committed to the education of self-empowerment and tapping into the potential that lies within each of us.

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  • Monia Sherry Neman

    Monia Sherry Neman

  • Devora Neman

    Devora Neman

  • Cynthia Prida Bravo

    Cynthia Prida Bravo

    Consul Prida graduated in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and holds a Master Degree in Diplomacy and a Master Degree in Public Policy and Gender form FLACSO.

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  • Michele Raphael

    Michele Raphael

    Michele Raphael is a dynamic and recognized leader in communications, culture and the arts. Her pro-bono and advocacy work is focused on uplifting women’s issues and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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  • Elizabeth Rawjee

    Elizabeth Rawjee

  • Megan Razi

    Megan Razi

  • Joyce Rey

    Joyce Rey

    Joyce Rey has been called the “First Lady of Luxury Real Estate,” the “Billionaire’s Broker” and “Grand Dame of Real Estate” — an icon in her own right.

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  • Kathleen Rosenbloom

    Kathleen Rosenbloom

  • Gayle Gannes Rosenthal

    Gayle Gannes Rosenthal

    CEO and founder of Gayle’s Sweet’N’Sassy Foods

    Gayle Gannes Rosenthal CEO and founder of Gayle’s Sweet’N’Sassy Foods  was born in New York and moved to the West Coast as young child She began a career in modeling and acting while studying dance at UCLA...

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  • Katy Saei

    Katy Saei

  • Juliana Saghian

    Juliana Saghian

  • Kylie Schuyler

    Kylie Schuyler

  • Begum Sen

    Begum Sen

  • Shirin Shahery

    Shirin Shahery

  • Jila Toobi

    Jila Toobi

  • Lauren Turner

    Lauren Turner

  • Stephanie Vahn

    Stephanie Vahn

  • Leah Yari

    Leah Yari

Luminary Circle

  • Anette Bollag Rothschild

    Anette Bollag Rothschild

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

  • Redonna Carpenter-Woods

    Redonna Carpenter-Woods

  • Pricilla Halper

    Pricilla Halper

  • Cece Karz

    Cece Karz

  • Vera Markowitz

    Vera Markowitz

  • Sara Pak

    Sara Pak

  • Leslie Weisberg

    Leslie Weisberg

  • Liz Zdanow

    Liz Zdanow

    Liz is a Beauty Entrepreneur, On-Air Beauty Expert, and an Esthetician. Liz recently launched her new company and debut product called Beauty Magnet.

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Visionary Circle

  • Sapna Abrol

    Sapna Abrol

    Sapna Abrol is an environmental scientist by training and small business owner.

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  • Azie Afari

    Azie Afari

    For the past twenty years renowned psychotherapist, Azadeh Bolour Afari has brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to all who seek her services.

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  • Lina Ahdoot

    Lina Ahdoot

  • Sophie Alpert

    Sophie Alpert

  • Fariba Ameri

    Fariba Ameri

  • Catherine Ammann

    Catherine Ammann

  • Sherry Andrus

    Sherry Andrus

  • Christine Avanti

    Christine Avanti

  • Heather Axe

    Heather Axe

  • Felice Axelrod

    Felice Axelrod

  • Tina Bahador

    Tina Bahador

  • Yas Baravarian

    Yas Baravarian

  • Gail Baril

    Gail Baril

  • Susan Bay Nimoy

    Susan Bay Nimoy

  • Allison Berg

    Allison Berg

  • Annette Besnilian

    Annette Besnilian

  • Lisa Bloch

    Lisa Bloch

  • Julia Camara Calvo

    Julia Camara Calvo

  • Teresa Casale

    Teresa Casale

    Teresa Casale is Executive Director of Mina’s List. With 15 years of experience in the INGO sector, Teresa specializes in policy advocacy and has advocated to the U.S. government, the United Nations, the World Bank, and other global entities.

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  • Ellie Casson

    Ellie Casson

  • Angela Chee

    Angela Chee

    Angela Chee is a keynote speaker/emcee, media/communication coach, creator of “YOU, Amplified!®”, and host of “The Power Of The Only” podcast.

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  • Christine Chiu

    Christine Chiu

  • Mallika Chopra

    Mallika Chopra

  • Jennifer Cohen

    Jennifer Cohen

  • Linda Collins

    Linda Collins

    Top model, actress, film producer, and businesswoman Linda Collins is a tour de force when it comes to championing causes close to her heart. An ardent advocate and fundraiser for a multitude of charitable foundations, organizations and nonprofits, Linda is also the Founder and President of Models With a Cause, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that strives to promote and alleviate social, environmental, and human rights issues by mobilizing funding, resources, and volunteers to assist and comfort those in need.

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  • Lori Cozen-Geller

    Lori Cozen-Geller

    Lori Cozen-Geller is an American artist known for her work as a finish fetish minimalist. Cozen-Geller’s work is based on complex human emotions depicted in ultra-simplistic forms using automotive paints, metals and woods.

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  • Jasmine Danielpour

    Jasmine Danielpour

  • Ivana De Maria

    Ivana De Maria

    Ivana De Maria was born in San Diego, California, raised in Mexico City and educated in Switzerland.

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  • Natasha Diklic-Galloway

    Natasha Diklic-Galloway

    My name is Natasha Diklic-Galloway. I'm a business owner, motivational speaker and a mom of 4 active children.

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  • Jane Dorian

    Jane Dorian

  • Kym Douglas

    Kym Douglas

  • Laura Dudley

    Laura Dudley

  • Patricia Elias Rosenfeld

    Patricia Elias Rosenfeld

  • Nellie Emrani

    Nellie Emrani

    Nellie Emrani is an Iranian-American mother of four and grandmother of two curious boys. She has lived with her husband and family in California for the past 37 years.

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  • Carolyn Enenstein

    Carolyn Enenstein

  • Elisabeth Familian

    Elisabeth Familian

  • Mandana Farmanfarmaian

    Mandana Farmanfarmaian

  • Sepideh Farsai

    Sepideh Farsai

  • Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani

    Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani

    Shaghayegh Poppy Farsijani is a former sports journalist and anchor that has worked in Iran covering the 1997 Khatami presidential elections, the FIFA World Cup for Iran's national soccer team, Iran's Championship Wrestling and is also an alumni of BBC Radio along with ABC, CBS News.

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  • Giselle Fernandez

    Giselle Fernandez

  • Dr. Sarah Figueroa

    Sarah Figueroa-Freeman

    Since 1999, Sarah has been working in and around the education field. Before joining PLN in 2017, Sarah served as the Chief Operating Officer at Camino Nuevo Charter School.

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  • Patricia Finkel

    Patricia Finkel

  • Sara Fitzmaurice

    Sara Fitzmaurice

    Sara Fitzmaurice is a business strategist with a focus in art, real estate, luxury, tech and luxury brands across the globe. She founded her agency, FITZ & CO and since that time has delivered results to more than 200 brands. Sara's expertise is in achieving business

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  • Deborah Frank

    Deborah Frank

  • Alona Gabbay

    Alona Gabbay

    Alona Gabbay was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Los Angeles at the age of nine. She has been married thirty-three years and is a mother of three beautiful children...

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  • Maria Gabriel

    Maria Gabriel

  • Nancy Gamboa

    Nancy Gamboa

  • Wendy Garen

    Wendy Garen

  • Jane Gavens

    Jane Gavens

  • Allison Gingold

    Allison Gingold

    Allison currently serves as Chair of Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California, the largest single-state coalition of Jewish organizations in the nation, advocating in Sacramento for traditional community concerns and broadly shared values that affect the citizens of California.

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  • Wendy Greuel

    Wendy Greuel

    Wendy started her career in public service working for her mentor, former Mayor Tom Bradley, where for ten years she worked on a wide range of public policy issues including child care, senior care homelessness, housing, public health and education.

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  • Vera Guerin

    Vera Guerin

  • Sylvia Hakim

    Sylvia Hakim

  • Morgan Hakimi

    Morgan Hakimi

  • Sharon Halimi Eshaghoff

    Sharon Halimi Eshaghoff

  • Shilla Hekmat

    Shilla Hekmat

    Founder of the Shilla Hekmat Music Academy

    Shilla Hekmat is an author and prominent piano instructor in Beverly Hills. Over the last 30 years she has taught hundreds of students of all levels, from early beginners to advanced, many of whom have gone on to become successful musicians.

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  • Manuela Herzer

    Manuela Herzer

  • Diane Holland

    Diane Holland

    Diane Holland, a Los Angeles native, earned her B. A. (with honors) at Immaculate Heart College and her M. F. A. at Otis Art Institute.

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  • Adrienne Horwitch

    Adrienne Horwitch

  • Paulina Illoulian

    Paulina Illoulian

  • Ghada Irani

    Ghada Irani

  • Freya Ivener

    Freya Ivener

  • Sarvia Jasso

    Sarvia Jasso

  • Beth Karmin

    Beth Karmin

  • Cece Karz

    Cece Karz

  • Barbara Kaye

    Barbara Kaye

  • Bridget Gless Keller

    Bridget Gless Keller

  • Farrah Khaleghi

    Farrah Khaleghi

  • Mariam Khosravani

    Mariam Khosravani

  • Stacey Kivel

    Stacey Kivel

  • Piera Klein

    Piera Klein

    Piera Klein, artistically known as the singer and co-songwriter-producer of the electronic duo, PIERA, is a California native and Los Angeles based recording artist, activist, and producer.

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  • Deborah Kobylt

    Deborah Kobylt

    Deborah is a correspondent with CNN and former reporter with Fox11LA and KCal-9 in Los Angeles. Before that she was a reporter for WNET/NJN in New York.

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  • Helen Kulungian

    Helen Kulungian

  • Amy Lange

    Amy Lange

  • Sue Laviolette Caplow

    Sue Laviolette Caplow

  • Hollis Leech

    Hollis Leech

    A graduate of USC, Hollis’ entrepreneurial career in Los Angeles has spanned three decades, along with her commitment to women’s issues and community service.

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  • Dana Levine

    Dana Levine

  • Kandace Lindsey

    Kandace Lindsey

  • Yvonne Liu

    Yvonne Liu

    Yvonne Liu is a mental health advocate and freelance writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Business Insider, Salon, Newsweek, and NBC.com. Over 1.5 million people read Yvonne’s HuffPost essay.

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  • Afsaneh Malaekeh

    Afsaneh Malaekeh

  • Joni Marine

    Joni Marine

  • Kimberly Marteau Emerson

    Kimberly Marteau Emerson

    Principal, KME Consulting. Lawyer, civic leader and human rights advocate. Boards: Human Rights Watch; The Thomas Mann House; Bard College Berlin. Advisory Boards: United Way in Germany; KCRW Berlin; USC Center on Public Diplomacy (past Chair).

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  • The Honorable Susan McCaw

    The Honorable Susan McCaw

  • Deirdre McCready

    Deirdre McCready

    SVP, Sales and Special Events, Live Nation

    For the past ten years, Deirdre McCready has developed sbe’s Special Events division into one of the most well respected firms in the industry and has proven to be instrumental in the company’s growth.

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  • Sabrina Merage Naimn

    Sabrina Merage Naim

    Sabrina Merage Naim is a passionate and engaged philanthropist working toward making the world a more equitable and unified place.

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  • Nooshin Meshkaty

    Nooshin Meshkaty

    Hon. Nooshin Meshkaty, Computer Scientist and Electronics Specialist in Aerospace Industry. Working in the same fields Since 1988. Currently Senior Engineer and Technical Group Leader for Manufacturing and Logistics of Flight Electronics.

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  • Marcy Miller

    Marcy Miller

  • Pauline Moghavem

    Pauline Moghavem

  • Laurie Muslow

    Laurie Muslow

  • Angela Nahai

    Angela Nahai

    Angela Nahai is the the creative force and director behind “Angela Nahai Designs”, specializing in one of a kind, unique, wearable art and jewelry statement pieces.

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  • Soraya Sarah Nazarian

    Soraya Sarah Nazarian

    Soraya Sarah Nazarian is an Iranian-born artist. She is a master in direct stone carving. Her work explores themes of motherhood, family, spirituality and Iranian culture.

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  • Sharon Nazarian

    Sharon Nazarian

  • Nicole Nathanson

    Nicole Nathanson

    Director of Philanthropic Giving for the Nathanson Family Foundation and Mapleton Investments

    Nicole is director of philanthropic giving for the Nathanson Family Foundation and Mapleton Investments....

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  • Bita Nehmadi

    Bita Nehmadi

  • Atoosa Nehorai

    Atoosa Nehorai

  • Dana Norris

    Dana Norris

    Dana Norris graduated from the University Of Southern California with a BA in Dramatic Arts. Dana is a interior designer in Los Angeles and the mother of two boys Dylan and Tyler.

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  • Nina Oberfeld

    Nina Oberfeld

  • Cynthia Occelli

    Cynthia Occelli

    Cynthia is an accomplished author, public speaker, and digital entrepreneur. As a 9th-grade dropout and welfare mom, Cynthia turned her life around, went back to school, graduated from law school, built an investment portfolio, and successfully raised two conscientious children as a single mother.

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  • Orly Ohebsion

    Orly Ohebsion

  • Clio Olaya

    Clio Olaya

  • Ellen Olivier

    Ellen Olivier

    Since 2009, Ellen Olivier has been a contributing writer to the Los Angeles Times, chronicling the city’s most important charity and cultural events for the Sunday “Image” section, the Calendar section and the newspaper’s online fashion/lifestyle/entertainment sections.

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  • Dana Pachulski

    Dana Pachulski

  • Swati Patel

    Swati Patel

  • Patty Penske

    Patty Penske

  • Jennifer Perry

    Jennifer Perry

    Jennifer Perry has been Executive Director of the Children’s Action Network (CAN) since its inception. By marshalling the immense communications power of the entertainment community, CAN inspires the public to take action on behalf of children.

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  • Ann Philbin

    Ann Philbin

  • Rebecca Prange

    Rebecca Prange

  • Natasha Rahban

    Natasha Rahban

  • Linda Ramsbottom

    Linda Ramsbottom

  • Gina Raphael

    Gina Raphael

    Gina Raphael owns & leads Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill, the leading independent pharmacy chain in Los Angeles. Gina proudly Chairs The Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) in California.

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  • Lauren Rashap

    Lauren Rashap

    Lauren Rashap is a third generation health practitioner with over 18 years in private practice. A certified clinical nutritionist and yoga and meditation instructor, Lauren developed one of the first...

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  • Laurie Raskin

    Laurie Raskin

    Laurie Raskin is an artist who has exhibited in museums, public Institutions and galleries internationally. She is currently represented at galleries in the United States and Europe.

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  • Shaun Regen

    Shaun Regen

  • Shari Rezai

    Shari Rezai

  • Dr Niki Rezzadeh

    Dr Niki Rezzadeh

    Born in Tehran, lran . Went to French catholic Institute Mariam.

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  • Lynn Rosenthal

    Lynn Rosenthal

    President of Rosenthal Enterprises, LLC, a media consulting firm. She works primarily with middle market companies, creating strategic solutions to improve brand awareness and bottom lines.

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  • Allison Rosenthal

    Allison Rosenthal

  • Alissa Roston

    Alissa Roston

  • Kelly Rote

    Kelly Rote

    Kelly Rote helps her clients take control of their financial lives and prioritizes education and empowerment in her career as a Private Wealth Manager at UBS.

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  • Anne Cohen Ruderman

    Anne Cohen Ruderman

    Anne Cohen Ruderman has been an art advisor for over 25 years and owns Quality Art Consulting, an art advisory firm.

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  • Victoria Santoro

    Victoria Santoro

    Originally from East Lyme, Connecticut, Victoria came to California in 2010 and earned her B.A. in Economics and Government from Claremont McKenna College, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She was a collegiate athlete and played on the varsity women’s tennis team for all four years.

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  • Jilla Sarbaz

    Jilla Sarbaz

  • Stella Sarraf

    Stella Sarraf

  • Lara Schmoisman

    Lara Schmoisman

  • Laura Schwab

    Laura Schwab

  • Neda Shamie

    Neda Shamie

  • Chrisandra Shufelt

    Chrisandra Shufelt

  • Keni Silva

    Keni Silva

  • Kathleen K Silverman

    Kathleen K Silverman

  • Shady Simantob

    Shady Simantob

    I am mother of 3 children. Ages 28, 25, 17. I am a personal stylist, have a company called hip trends by Shady.

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  • Dr. V. Joy Simmons

    Dr. V. Joy Simmons

    Dr. V. Joy Simmons is an art collector and philanthropist who has supported the work of artists of African descent and more broadly, of artists whose work is informed and inspired by Black culture.

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  • Lesley Slatkin

    Lesley Slatkin

  • Florence Sloan

    Florence Sloan

  • Babette (babs) Sobel

    Babette (babs) Sobel

  • Krista Smith

    Krista Smith

  • Kimberly Snyder

    Kimberly Snyder

  • Julie Solnit

    Julie Solnit

  • Farnaz Simmons

    Farnaz Simmons

  • Neda Sooferian

    Neda Sooferian

  • Lisa Specht

    Lisa Specht

  • Liz Svatek

    Liz Svatek

  • Patti Tanenbaum

    Patti Tanenbaum

    Patti is an educator, Community Service-Learning leader, children’s book author, small business owner, wife and mother. She is Co-Author of 2 award- winning children’s books, in the series, Little Kids Do Big Things. The 3rd book, GOTTA HAVE HEART, will be released summer '22. The books emanate from a lifelong devotion to kids, with the dream they grow to be people who are good, caring, and giving to others.

    Read more
  • Jocelyn Tetel

    Jocelyn Tetel

  • Christina Thau

    Christina Thau

  • Angelle Wacker

    Angelle Wacker

  • Brigid Walsh

    Brigid Walsh

  • Hope Warschaw

    Hope Warschaw

  • Kathleen Watt

    Kathleen Watt

  • Leslie Weisberg

    Leslie Weisberg

  • Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

    Suzi Weiss-Fischmann

    Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador OPI Products Inc.

    Known worldwide as the “First Lady of Nails,” OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann initially made her mark on the beauty industry in 1989, when she created the first 30 OPI nail lacquers...

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  • Mary Wells

    Mary Wells

  • Elaine Wynn

    Elaine Wynn

  • Shirin Yadegar

    Shirin Yadegar

    Shirin Yadegar is the Creator of La Mom Magazine and host of the popular talk show Moms Matter which educates and empowers moms.

    Read more
  • Michelle Yasharpouri

    Michelle Yasharpour

  • Jennifer Yen

    Jennifer Yen

    It was a simple case of "form follows function" that led actress Jennifer Yen to create Pur~lisse, her 10- product skincare line. "As a successful working actress living in Los Angeles, I noticed that my skin was breaking out and becoming easily irritated after hours in makeup and under hot lights...

    Read more
  • Cynthia Yorkin

    Cynthia Yorkin

  • Adrienne Youdim

    Adrienne Youdim

    Dr. Adrienne Youdim, is an internist who specializes in medical weight loss and clinical nutrition.

    Read more
  • Nancy Zahabian

    Nancy Zahabian

  • Cindy Zelkha

    Cindy Zelkha

  • Jayna Zweiman

    Jayna Zweiman

    Jayna Zweiman is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Her independent practice combines architecture, art, craft and new media to focus on experiences that overlap physical, virtual and conceptual spaces.

    Read more

Board of Overseers

  • Mallika Chopra Founder and CEO of Intent.com
  • Giselle Fernandez Emmy Award winning journalist
  • Niloo Howe Sr. Operating Partner, Energy Impact Partners or Chair, Pondurance
  • Ghada Irani Board Chair of Unicef Southern California
  • The Honorable Vilma Martinez Former US Ambassador to Argentina
  • The Honorable Susan McCaw Former US Ambassador to The Republic of Austria
  • Karen Murphy O’Brien Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Murphy O’Brien Public Relations
  • Ann Philbin Director of the Hammer Museum Los Angeles
  • Shaun Regen President of Regen Projects
  • Chara Schreyer* Distinguished Art Collector and Member of the Board of Trustees at MOCA
  • Krista Smith West Coast Editor of Vanity Fair
  • Kimberly Snyder Beauty and Wellness Expert
  • Laura Schwab President of Aston Martin The Americas
  • Brigid Walsh Owner/Founder 100 Miles North
  • Elaine Wynn Director Wynn Resorts, National Board Chairman, Communities in School
  • Chrisandra Shufelt MD, MS Chair, General Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL, and Associate Director, Mayo Clinic Center for Women’s Health

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