Yvonne Liu

Yvonne Liu is a mental health advocate and freelance writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Business Insider, Salon, Newsweek, and NBC.com. Over 1.5 million people read Yvonne’s HuffPost essay. Many said they cried but also found hope in her story. Yvonne was featured in a New York Times Modern Love episode. She is writing a memoir about throwing off decades of secrets and shame surrounding mental illness, adoption, cancer, and childhood trauma to live an authentic life. Yvonne always dreamed of becoming a writer but was discouraged by her immigrant adoptive parents. She was named a General Motors Fellow for her academics and leadership potential and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago. Yvonne worked in the business world, raising three children and serving on multiple nonprofit boards; Yvonne is delighted to write for a wide audience and encourage others to live authentically.